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  • RA

    Ryan Abrams

    over 6 years ago #

    I've tried some brief tests with it and even worked with our Google Account Manager on it, but I did not see any success and terminated the campaign.

    I think the highly personal nature of email might make the concept of Gmail advertising a little too intrusive for a lot of people.

    • DM

      demetrius michael

      over 6 years ago #

      It's really strange, because there's very little on google about people even trying it, never mind having success with it.

      • RA

        Ryan Abrams

        over 6 years ago #

        Its probably because its a relatively neew-ish form of advertising and they aren't yet certain about its feasibility nor its acceptance in the market.

        I worked directly with Google on running a campaign test there and they themselves portrayed it as an "new & experimental" and didn't have much insight into potential performance from the start.

  • NR

    Neil Roy

    over 5 years ago #

    Hey Demetrius,

    I've used GSP for a variety of Clientele, and it looks like GSP worked only for some of my specific client needs. I will point these out below -

    1) What Didn't work - We tried GSP for a Singapore Ecommerce Company with more than 10K daily Traffic, with a GSP ad spends of around $300/day. The creatives of the Company was really good & so were the offers, but we could only sell very low ticket items & campaigns were shut after a few weeks, mostly due to low ROI.

    2) What Worked - We Ran Email SignUp Campaigns for BFSI clients with a ticket size of around $75 for health Insurance, and with a CPC of around $0.07, we got leads at around $10. Just to give some perspective, we were getting leads from Google Search @ around $11. So GSP was coming out cheaper.

    Now with the In form fields within GSP, the user can directly fill up a form in the email that opens up, there is no redirect, so drop offs are much less.

    Hope this Helped :)

  • DS

    doug shaw

    over 6 years ago #

    random, small throughputs. They aren't really developing it because users are kind of uncomfortable with their email content being aligned with relevant ads. I don't know this, I surmise.

    They exploit everything else to the max. And they have done some experimenting, but I never hear about any WOWs with gmail throughput.

  • AC

    Alex Chaidaroglou

    almost 6 years ago #

    We used it, but we didn't see success with it. It seems to be in its very early stages, so a lot of things are off.

    Maybe in the future it becomes lucrative...