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Reading through a bunch of stuff including Sean's posts on, if 40%+ of users would be very disappointed if your product disappeared, it's a good sign you have a scalable business.

Most of the talk is on 40% of *users*.

But if I survey all my users, not 100% are going to answer (sometimes a google promotion tab hiding problem, sometimes other things) - so how do you account for non-opens/responses in that 40% number?

i.e. if you have an open rate of 60% and of those, 40% would be very disappointed - is that a good sign or is it a bad sign (e.g. 40% of 60% = only 24% of users)

  • SE

    Sean Ellis

    over 6 years ago #

    Benchmark is based on a sample of active users responding. Everyone else suffers from response bias too. Low response rate is generally a bad sign, but if you have 40% say they'd be very disappointed without your product, you should start preparing to aggressively grow the business. One exception would be if you have very low retention rates (ie your product is only needed once per year and people forget about you) despite having 40% say they'd be very disappointed without it.

    BTW, if it's not 40% of overall respondents, try filtering by user types. If 40% of a big group such as men say they'd be very disappointed without your solution, then you are in good shape.