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youWare is a line of fashion accessories that integrate with a universal digital ID. Scan someone's wrist to link when you meet, then share contact info and social networks later.

Here's the campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thinkyouinc/youware-the-worlds-first-wearable-social-network

  • MB

    Morgan Brown

    over 6 years ago #

    To be honest, most of these crowdfunding campaigns are won or lost before they even go live on the platform. With just a few days left, you're in hail mary mode. Do you even want to hit just $50k to launch this thing? This project seems better suited for hundreds of thousands of dollars, not $50k.

    I'm not sure what your email acquisition strategy was ahead of time, but it might be worth considering shutting this thing down and retooling for a more successful launch.

    The best kickstarter advice I've seen is: http://fourhourworkweek.com/2012/12/18/hacking-kickstarter-how-to-raise-100000-in-10-days-includes-successful-templates-e-mails-etc/

    The big ideas here are:

    1) Build a big interest list well before launch
    2) Create a viral landing page for people to land on and share instead of the Kickstarter page to build a viral loop.
    3) PR and relationships that are formed ahead of the launch pay off in spades.

    If you are going to try to eek this out, I would focus hard on PR at the moment. You need big swaths of people to be interested. Engadget, The Verge, gdgt, LifeHacker, PSFK, FastCo Labs, Wired etc. are all the targets you want to go after and get written about. Unfortunately, without much traction there isn't much of a story there for them to dig their teeth into.

  • SE

    Sean Ellis

    over 6 years ago #

    This article and discussion will probably be useful for you https://growthhackers.com/taking-a-failed-kickstarter-campaign-to-over-5-million-on-re-launch/ . Unfortunately I don't have any direct experience with crowdfunding campaigns.

  • VV

    Visakan Veerasamy

    over 6 years ago #

    This looks like a really challenging one... "everyone loves the idea of real world social networking but we're struggling to convert backers" sets off alarm bells for me, it reminds me exactly of what Paul Graham (and others) have written about the importance of 'being narrow':

    >"For example, a social network for pet owners. It doesn't sound obviously mistaken. Millions of people have pets. Often they care a lot about their pets and spend a lot of money on them. Surely many of these people would like a site where they could talk to other pet owners. Not all of them perhaps, but if just 2 or 3 percent were regular visitors, you could have millions of users. You could serve them targeted offers, and maybe charge for premium features.

    > The danger of an idea like this is that when you run it by your friends with pets, they don't say "I would never use this." They say "Yeah, maybe I could see using something like that." Even when the startup launches, it will sound plausible to a lot of people. They don't want to use it themselves, at least not right now, but they could imagine other people wanting it. Sum that reaction across the entire population, and you have zero users."

    If I inherited a project like this, I think I'd seek to specialize in a very specific niche, maybe. I imagine the best application for this (for me) would be in a business networking context. Second maybe a speed-dating sorta context, but I'm not very familiar with that...

    So the most I can say is- Think about who is (or would be) absolutely crazy about this, and hyper-target them. Best of luck!

  • AA

    Anthony David Adams

    over 6 years ago #

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