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Hi! Do you have any examples of brands that shifted all their marketing efforts into a single marketing channel/platform, specially social media ? I remember Gary V giving an example but I can't remember. Any names, examples or case studies would be greatly appreciated.

  • LC

    Lingling Chen

    14 days ago #

    Hi there! You can check out Nerd Wallet. Their whole marketing strategy when launching the product is search engine optimization by creating tons of content on financial health.

    • JR

      joe robison

      12 days ago #

      Right, they were built on SEO, not social media as the poster asked!

      Nevertheless they're an inspiration.

  • AM

    Amanda Milligan

    13 days ago #

    I'd guess certain BuzzFeed properties would be interesting to look into, like "Tasty," which took off solely because of its quick, instructional, visually appealing step-by-step recipe videos on Facebook (primarily).

    Humans of New York would be a good one to examine, too, in terms of sites that blew up because of their strong social presence.

  • JR

    joe robison

    12 days ago #

    MVMT Watches was built almost entirely off of social media contests and getting their watches on influencers wrists.

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