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I spoke with a lot of marketers and growth specialists about Google Adwords Display Network and most of them told me it shouldn't be focused on driving conversions, but for Remarketing. I would like to hear your experience and what do you think about it?

  • CS

    Christoph Schachner

    over 2 years ago #

    Google Display Network (GDN) ads are mainly for brand building. I like to think of it as an ad in a newspaper (I heared these still exist). The main purpose of it is to get your foot in the door and have, what I like to call, a 360 ad-experience. So you want to be present on various channels with different ad formats and also different goals. While GDN ads are not highly converting, supplementing them with remarketing is the way to go if you want to convert people that have heard about you.

    However I would suggest that you find out yourself which channels works best for you and which don't. After that you can still read why certain tactics work and others don't and adjust from there.

  • WS

    Wylie Stilwell

    over 2 years ago #

    I don't think there is a single answer to your question, there are cases that display makes sense and cases when it doesn't. I suggest you run some projections and see for yourself. You can use this tool: https://www.richmediagallery.com/ to estimate CTR and use your current Analytics data to estimate conversion rates. Then make them more pessimistic (maybe cut them in half). Then make them even more pessimistic. If your pessimistic CPA's look acceptable, you're in business.

    You can also get an idea if positive ROI is possible with display by conducting some competitive intelligence research, you can use a tool like moat (moat.com) to see which competitors are running display ads, or use a tool like SEM Rush which is beta testing display data at the moment (semrush.com). Moat is free, SEMRush has cheap plans.

    No go do your research and win dude!

  • JR

    Josh Reyes

    over 2 years ago #

    We've had success getting conversions from display ads for remarketing at SmartrMail but it took a bit of refining.

    What hasn't worked:

    1. They don't work on cold audiences (at least for conversions). Only use for remarketing.
    2. We started with a set of general ads to anyone who visited our site however this drove few conversions

    What has worked:

    Once you've built out content on a few different topics and have feature pages etc, remarket specific ads to these interests. For us (we're an e-commerce email marketing app), if someone views our abandoned carts page or reads a blog post about abandoned carts – we retarget them with an ad specific to abandoned carts. This really works well on competitor comparison pages too.

    Think of them as a compliment to content (or your other main traction channel) + aim to be as personalized as possible and they should work well for you!

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