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  • LM

    laurent malka

    over 2 years ago #

    There are a few metrics that improve your quality score which eventually translate into more traffic. You see, Google wants to provide users with the most relevant search results (organic/paid), so that users come back to search and advertisers keep spending. Everyone wins.
    The formula Adwords does is how they monetize their real-estate in the most efficient and accurate manner. Bottom line, the better the ads align with keywords, landing pages and products / service offered, the more the advertiser will be willing to spend.

    So what matters:
    Click through Rate
    - The more people click, the more Google makes money
    - It also means that the ad is well align with the keyword / search phrase

    Bounce rate
    - lower the bounce rate means that the landing page is align with the keyword and ad
    - it signals Adwords that the visitor "partly" received what he was looking for.

    - conversions will signal adwords that the the entire funnel "made sense" to the user.
    - conversion value - If users are willing to pay a high price for the service offered, it increases your relevancy and consequently it signals adwords, that the funnel make sense.

    All of the above - and probably additional metrics will give you a higher Quality Score, which will translate into lower cpc, better positions and more traffic.

    1. Optimize "extensively" your ads
    2. Optimize "extensively" your funnel - Keyword - Ads - Landing page
    3. Make sure you send AdWords all conversions happening online and offline

    Keep in mind that conversions are not only the sales that occur online. They are also what is commonly called "micro-conversions", which represent additional conversions happening on/off your site - your newsletter, contact / callback request, offline sale, upsells etc...

    Bottom line, the better you appear to Adwords, the higher your ranking will be.

    Hope it makes sense.

    ps: you can find on our blog some tips on how to collect / and send conversions to adwords

  • YK

    Yigit Kocak

    over 2 years ago #

    Getting good CTR for my ads.
    Improving my landing page experience both for humans and robots.
    Using targeted keywords on the landing page.