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On a GDN retargeting campaign, I am retargeting our mid and down funnel users. Right off the bat I get statistically significant engagement and performance metrics that clearly outperform industry benchmark ($0.30 CPC and CTR double industry average).

However, when I look deeper into the analytics (Google Analytics and/or Google Ads), I am seeing that the ratio Clicks/Users is around 3:1.

This is not due to mobile latency or mobile page loading speed (sometimes the main culprit in such click/users gaps) since the ratio on desktop users is even greater at about 4:1.

Would value input from our GH community should anyone experienced such issue and value ideas to work around it.

One thing that comes to mind could be to change the smart bidding strategy (I started with Enhanced CPC), hoping that could help solve the gap. Not sure though.

Value any ideas.