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  • RS

    Ross Simmonds

    almost 4 years ago #

    1) Build relationships with industry influencers 3-4 weeks before launch and get them on your side for launch. Give them free access for a few weeks and let them know that you just want their thoughts and would be happy to grandfather them into a year free as it relates to the product if they like it. Leveraging this initial relationship, you can ask them for a testimonial and ping them at launch with an email that helps them share it with their following.

    2) Build relationships with the press before you launch as well. The best approach here would be to start with a content relationship that arms the journalist with a great angle or story for their work. Can you quickly put together a survey that demonstrates that Millennial Professionals are 4x more likely to use chat than email or phone in comparison to other generations? Can you turn that into an infographic? Now send that to the journalists and get them to cover you... Two weeks later, ping them letting them know your product is officially live and you'd be happy to give them an interview.

    3) Find someone on Product Hunt who has a large following and get them to hunt you.

    4) Write 3-4 guest blog posts for industry sites.

    5) Reach out to 3-4 B2B startup podcasts and do some interviews.

    6) Make sure you have a great social media presence at launch. Use a tool like GetCrate.co + Narrow.io to build it.

    • RM

      Reade Milner

      almost 4 years ago #

      Ross, this is darn good advice. How would you tweak this for a non-SAAS site like, say a local business?

      • RS

        Ross Simmonds

        almost 4 years ago #

        I think in many ways, the same philosophies would apply! The only difference would be focusing on hyper local brands/influencers/media outlets rather than those that reach a national scale.

        Rather than Product Hunt - Maybe you lock in a few radio shows :)

    • TG

      TJ Gray

      almost 4 years ago #

      Thanks Ross! I really like this list

  • VB

    Vipul Bansal

    almost 4 years ago #

    You know you've already taken the first step by mentioning it here.
    However, if this is your first website a good practice would be to join a few communities that fall in the category you are serving. But do not just talk about your website/business rather focus on maintaining relationships with members there. You can mention your website as a solution to someone's problem but that again would require you to first connect well.

    If CoEfficient Labs is not the first product from your company, do mention the past successful products to develop credibility among the listeners.

  • JS

    Jason Slater

    almost 4 years ago #

    It depends on your target market, but have you tried using a service like https://customfilterz.com/ ? You can easily reach thousands on Snapchat users for less that $100, especially if you involve some influencers!

  • FS

    Federica Sciori

    almost 4 years ago #

    Thank you for the great advices! How would you go about getting influencers onboard? I'm writing them a message with a paragraph about what we offer at Kiiah.com and I ask if they are interesting in collaborating but no luck yet. Do you have any advice? thanks

  • SM

    Shariq Moosa

    almost 4 years ago #

    @ross great advice mate!

    @federica I would say you have come t with each individual personally, check their profile / interests and communicate accordingly, time consuming but very effective - give them personalized offer!