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Does anyone have experience of targeting and generating organic traffic from a specific country outside of the one they operate from/are based in?

I've not found a huge amount of structured info on the subject so far so thought I'd ask here. To be even more specific, anyone got any tips for bringing in US organic traffic from a UK-based organisation?

  • AL

    Arsene Lavaux

    over 1 year ago #

    Hi Mike- Yes, I can share some experience on that in a B2B SaaS setting.

    Our core market was the U.S. but we were a global brand (Fortune 50 tech company).

    The core of our organic growth strategy was based on content (many forms of B2B content). We worked with localization teams to adapt content to local market and also develop country-specific content.
    Not so sure how many countries you are targeting but it becomes quickly fairly costly if you don't leverage localization of content created for core market.

    This is was for established/mature large size business.

    In startup setting, namely for the REveo app, we create organic traffic in over 80 countries using Instagram. We use AI automation, content creation and community engagement via live and stories mostly to scale organically.

    Hope this helps.

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