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Hi guys, I recently set up a business profile on Pinterest and I'm looking for some recent success stories and tips on growing our SaaS on the platform.

  • AB

    Adam Barnes

    7 months ago #

    I've been using Pinterest for many years now and have a steady but not insane growth rate, currently have 6.8k followers and it's a real mixed bag of success. I found in the start I was getting followers like raindrops but it flattened out when I didn't have the time to focus on it. The pins I find most popular are those that professional looking and striking. Amateur photography doesn't work well, even shots I have taken that are good sometimes don't grab traction. I did an experiment the other day and rendered, in 3d, my planters in a grey house and a white house. Both the same angle and light, the only change was the colour on the walls. The grey wall has a higher contrast and thus stands out more in a sea of images so it's useful to think of how the image will sit in with many others.