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Hello, community! I just read an article about building AI-first products by an ex-Google engineer (https://medium.com/startup-grind/why-you-should-think-ai-first-42821c1d702#.p5rrqbcrb) and it triggered some thoughts in me - mainly, how would the growth and marketing world look like when AI is more prevalent or with more sophisticated AI? Some questions I have for you all are: - What would you want to be able to do with such technology? (Personally, I'd love to use AI to filter all content for me so I only have to read the quality ones. I think I'd use AI to assist me in the things I do today than to automate everything.) - Are there any great examples of AI marketing and growth use cases already? (likely, I believe and would love to hear about them!) - Is there anything that you are worried about? Perhaps too much automated? - How can we tap on such innovations before it becomes mainstream? I think this is a fascinating topic and I'm sure many of you know much more than I do so I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

  • FP

    Francesco Polizzi

    almost 4 years ago #

    I see a future in the software industry where AI plays an integral part in user experience. During my time with the Growth Team at Mozilla, one of the biggest wins we saw was in creating a unique Firefox onboarding experience based upon self-identified user value ("do good" values users interested in the Mozilla mission or "do it yourself" utility users interested in the utility of Firefox). It was obvious that our user base was comprised of many more user-types than the binary representation we gave, however, these variations had to be manually developed which limited our scope severely due to resource constraints. In my mind, an ideal solution would be a "smart" recommendation system, utilizing AI to understand and suggest features that a user may value most at the time that they might find them most useful. This could be taken a step further to add or remove pre-built features (think: browser extensions) based upon user behavior.

    • AL

      Alfred Lua

      almost 4 years ago #

      That will be so amazing, @francescostl! That is a really neat example of how AI might be able to improve the onboarding and user experience — really cool that your team created the 2 user-types too. Thanks for sharing!

      Curious how did you all come up with the 2 user types? :)