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Today I looked to use the Drafts & Experiments feature of Google Adwords to run an A/B test on a campaign where the test variable is the ad format, everything else being equal and setting the test at 50% (known feature in AdWords). When doing this, I am not seeing the call-only ads showing in my B split... Does anyone in the community have experience with this? Value insights. Merci!

  • KS

    Kate Swanberg

    12 months ago #

    How do we think this would perform for B2B Enterprise software sales? Love the idea as well

    • AL

      Arsene Lavaux

      8 months ago #

      Hey Kate- It all depends on how qualified your "leads" are and a bunch of other factors related to the nature of the software (immediacy of need and other dimensions as per article shared in this thread by @sean and how complicated the purchase influence layers are...).

      For having done a lot of B2B Enterprise growth (at Fortune 50 companies and smaller structures), it may not make as much sense as when you do it (and I have done it) for local businesses with very poor UX on their lead generation funnel and low quality score as a result...

      Bypassing the cumbersome midfunnel digital experience on web or mobile assets with click-only makes a lot of sense here.

      When targeting larger structure with multiple personas to influence, as it's the case most of the time in B2B SaaS growth for example, not sure how it would influence overall CAC, it's worth testing but less likely to work as the quality scores are generally higher and correlated with higher brand awareness.

      Hope this is helpful. Will share some more learning soon, working on it. :)

      • AL

        Arsene Lavaux

        8 months ago #

        Oops, I meant:

        *Bypassing the cumbersome midfunnel digital experience on web or mobile assets with call-only makes a lot of sense here.

  • SE

    Sean Ellis

    about 1 year ago #

    Great question Arsene! I love the idea of call only ads since it skips a bunch of steps in the funnel. But like everything that seems like a good idea, always important to test it. So hopefully someone will answer your question or maybe even share results when they tried it.

    Anyone looking to learn more about call only ads, here's a good article on it from Wordstream from earlier this year https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2016/01/07/call-only-ads

    • AL

      Arsene Lavaux

      8 months ago #

      Hey Sean- A few months later... Been a bit chaotic on the startup front :) Thanks for sharing the article. Still doing some testing and learning on this. Will probably share in an article soon, and the gist here.

      A bientot!

  • EN

    Enyear NA

    10 months ago #

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