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I'm from Europe, Croatia. Together with my other 3 co-founders we founded our 2nd startup here in Croatia. But we would like to find marketer from US, to be more accurate person with good connections in colleges and understanding of college life because of our app and what are we trying to accomplish.

For us it's hard to target US market and colleges here from EU and we don't understand US college system perfectly, except from movies (Greek system and stuff) and things we found out Googling. We wanted to test our market first, but our country is a little bit conservative and people kinnda developed animosity towards domestic products. We are very influenced by the western countries and so far every major app crushed our domestic app with similar concept.

I've tried to Google different co-founder sites but I was unlucky, I just couldn't find somebody who I was looking for. Our plan is to get traction, spread the word and ultimately found a company and move to US. What we can offer is equity in, hopefully, future company. We have some cash we can spend. Any suggestions guys?

We developed geo-location/map/hashtag based, time-limited, location-limited hangout app, allowing people to quickly get what they want, like: find someone to go to the movies with, throw last minute party, find someone to chill with... in general hangout with anyone anywhere near you - really meet someone in real life, don't waste too much time online on people who you may never meet. Currently only on iOS.