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Branding (British: branding) is a corporate and organizational marketing strategy that enhances customer value through empathy and trust in the brand. To develop what is not recognized as a brand into a brand, or strengthen the brand components and activate and maintain. Also, that method Environmental analysis (such as SWOT analysis and 3C analysis )should not be neglected in the branding process. Branding is implemented to differentiate competitive products in the market, so it is firstnecessary to clarify factors such as yourcompetition, market, and target users . Conducting environmental analysis is closely related to subsequent branding success , so be sure to do it firmly.    Think about brand identity After environmental analysis, we will consider the important “brand identity” among the components of the brand. We will consider what kind of strength our own brand has, and consider the image we want users to have and the value of the brand we want to offer.    Abstract brand media, drop into visible brand media Once you have decided on your Brand Identity, decide on the code and style that will be the basis for considering Visual Brand Media. Once the code and style are decided, we will drop it into the visible brand media.    How to evaluate branding How to evaluate branding. Png "Brand equity" is the standard for evaluating the value of invisible brand and the effects of branding as an asset . Brand equity is broadly divided into the following five elements. 1. Brand recognition How much the brand is recognized 2. Brand royalty How much the user is attached to the brand 3. Perceptual quality The quality that users feel about the brand 4. Brand association The image I have when I think of a brand 5. Other brand assets When a company wants to measure the value of a brand, measuring brand equity can reveal how much value it has. Although there are various actual brand evaluation methods, commonly used methods include a “ marketing mix model” that analyzes the impact on sales of activities, and “brand” as an asset to measure economic power There is a brand valuation.    Summary That's it , Branding ! We introduced the basic knowledge and 7 points that you want to hold down. Didn't you understand branding properly? Branding is essentialif you want to strengthen your brand to survive in a modern world full of goods and information. If you do not practice branding and can not establish brand value, you will be involved in price competition. Practice branding in order to avoid price competition and to let users know the unique appeal of the brand .
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