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Skin irritations, asthma, respiratory distress are just some of the symptoms that can be caused by allergies.Although these reactions can be caused by sensitivity to factors of our direct environment, such as where we live, what we make, what we eat, whether what we use, there are more than one way to deal with these effects. There are some allergies that our body can adapt, as example, pollen allergy which can be counteracted with the consumption of honey in our daily intake, because while honey contains pollen in small proportions of its composition, can help to our body and it can get used to pollen allergy and decrease their effects. Also there are some other types of allergies that can cause extreme health problems even cause death, those are the allergies that we must be extremely careful and take care of the food we consume. Usually,these are given to consuming certain foods such as sea food consumption or peanut to name a few. To treat different types of allergies,you can always rely on the opinion of a specialist who will prescribe some medication after an appropriate analysis, resulting in the consumption of medicines each you see the effects occurring again. Butan alternative solution is the use of natural "remedies", such as green tea that helps to reduce symptoms or mint tea that is quite effective in relieving respiratorily and sinus problems. <a href="">Learn more</a>. The licorice tea can also be very beneficial because it may decrease cutaneous and respiratory reactions or can include turmeric in the diet becoming this quite helpful for people with asthma. The periodic consumption of vitamins and minerals in vegetables can help in more than one way to prevent and treat allergies, nuts, seeds, citrus fruits are also an excellent option for the vast contribution of vitamin C to our body. <a href="">Read more</a>. Other alternative <a href="">allergy treatments</a> may include acupuncture, which according to studies not only relieves patients of their annoying allergies but also improve their quality of life by 80%. Acupuncturists usually treat allergies as a treat any disease through needles that patients recover the balance lost through this illness. Aromatherapy and inhalation therapy is another attractive solution to problem of allergies, when you inhale the scent of the oils used we help to soothe,calm, decongest and cleanse your body of substances that cause these problems. A little known and quite efficient solution is hydrotherapy baths with special oils,and individual salts can help eliminate toxins in our body and alleviate symptoms caused by these toxins. It is well known that even science and exploration of different areas within the health and well being have evolved considerably in recent years, the best way to prevent allergies is prevention there of, timely detection of agents internal or external to the cause, and personal care that every person must take to food consumed, also take care of the place in which we operate and live to avoid damaging agents are the best solutions to this particular problem that afflicts more 300 million people world wide.

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