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I have recently moved back to Denver Colorado where our ancestral house is located. My dad had recently passed away and my mom begged me to come home saying the house is too big, there are a lot of rooms for the kids, who coincidentally were constantly crying that they each need their own room, that all the kids their age have theirs and they're the only ones among their friends who still share rooms with their kid brothers. I have 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys. They all have one big room with 2 double decked wooden beds. I reminded them that I have asked them before if they'd want their own room but they insisted on sleeping with their then baby brothers telling me that they didn't have the heart to leave their brothers alone. The boys are twins and their sisters who used to kept an eye on them all the time that they might suddenly disappear into thin air when they're not looking were now practically asking their Dad to have them sent to "a boys town". Where did they even learn these things? I haven't heard those words for a long time. So much to the girls' delight, we have moved to Colorado and after a single kiss without saying a word to their grandma at the main door when we came, they shoved each other as they ran upstairs in a deadly race that whoever chose the 2nd best room will be forever cursed with being the 2nd best all her life. The girls suddenly shrieked and went down the stairs faster than when they we're climbing it just moments ago. The girls were crying that the rooms were awful and smelly and old and scary. I went up the stairs before my Mom can say anything, while my wife was still outside the house attending to the would-be-exiles. The room the girls were referring to was actually my old room, obviously as it's the only room that has its door open. When I got inside, it took a second for me to know what the girls were talking about. The room was full of molds and since no one has been using it for a long time, nobody bothered to have it removed. There's a trace of leak on a part of the ceiling close to the northeastern corner which is also the corner of the house since my room was at the northern end of the 2 storey ancestral home. Molds aren't just in my room but upon checking of the mold inspection Denver team of Mold Testing Colorado, it’s almost in every area of the old house, I was actually laughing in the whole process as they now use high tech military grade gadgets to find molds. I was actually laughing more at myself than them. I seem not to know a lot now. After their inspection, their group which is called <a href="">mold remediation Denver</a> did their part of the job of extermination, did their finishing touches saying it will prevent molds to grow back. They also gave me a lot of helpful advice on preventing it from happening again. And <a href="">as an example</a> of their past success stories in addition to mine, check the testimonial page on <a href="">this source</a> from their website:

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