PinkSquare - 3D animationis looking for a

Part-time Growth Specialist (for US market)

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PinkSquare is 3D animation company. We’re specialized in physical products, mainly technical ones, and our clients are typically companies that produce machinery, construction and industrial equipment, startup companies with physical products, etc.

We offer a good quality and a great service at a competitive price and aim to be less expensive than most of our competitors in the US, but more than traditional outsourcing countries.

We are looking for a part time (min. 15 hours a week) growth person to be overall responsible for all our digital growth efforts. We currently have some guys running PPC campaigns and SEO, but we prefer if you have an opinion of how and what they are doing and can take overall responsibility of these as well.

Which channels and strategies you focus on, is up to you. As long as it works.

Initially and until we see some results our budget for various growth initiatives are in the thousands per month, as opposed to in the tens of thousands. All additional turnover from current levels is highly profitable, so this can be increased quickly once we start seeing results.

Ideally we’re looking for someone who could be interested in a combination of fixed and performance pay.