Head of Growth

Growth Kings

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We're looking for a rock star growth hacker. A rocket, a jet, a superstar.

This candidate will be the Head of Growth for Growth Kings and have full responsibility for driving traffic, building/engineering hacks and optimising conversions for our online e-courses.

We're one of the world leaders in startup education and app development. We have built the official apps for global brands from BBC, ITV, Hell's Kitchen, 20th Century Fox, Stephen Fry and for many startups. We're based in Melbourne Australia and also contribute to Forbes on apps and startups.

One of our new online courses is the world's most comprehensive course on how to build apps, make money from the app industry (while still working a full-time job), and gain your own financial freedom. We're done this successfully ourselves and now want to scale the knowledge to the world through a proven program.

Here's what we're after for our gun Head of Growth...

Seasoned growth hacker with the proven ability to:

  • Build, engineer and implement viral hacks and viral share features (websites)
  • Build and implement bots
  • Quickly data scrape and verify databases
  • Build and optimise landing pages
  • Build, implement and test funnels
  • Execute email marketing campaigns
  • Retarget like a boss
  • A/B test everything and embrace data nerdiness
  • Optimize every single campaign to ensure hyper conversions
  • Drive consistent and repeatable traffic to our landing pages and websites

We are largely after organic "intent based" traffic but also will consider a small mixture of Facebook ads and other paid channels if the ROI is right.

In terms of culture, the co-founders of Growth Kings and M5859 Apps are all about autonomy. We're a fully distributed company with remote teams and have very similar cultures to companies like Basecamp, Spotify, and Angelist.

We want to give you the creative freedom to growth hack, experiment and optimise at your own will. It's a GSD mentality and you're your own mini CEO. Own the job and focus on the growth results.