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Growth Hacker, early stage startup

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Hedgie is a free-to-play casual game with real-world rewards. Our users are crypto-curious millennials and Gen-Z urban professionals with active lifestyles. They’re located in major cities of the world, love playing casual games to earn crypto coin, and are attracted to real world rewards from participating businesses and brands.

Wanted: Startup Growth Hacker

We’re looking for an experienced, innovative growth hacker to get us to 100K users this year. As a crypto-related project we don’t have the benefit of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google traditional marketing channels with highly predictable processes. We need to think outside the box, and drive growth from less mainstream channels, while building our community and maintaining high engagement levels.

At the same time we’re focusing on business development to onboard more partner businesses that offer real world rewards in exchange for highly qualified leads (our users). We’re a two-sided marketplace model, and need to grow both sides. The focus of this role will be to deliver on our user side growth objectives.

Skills Required * Community growth, including Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and Reddit * Paid media optimization to maximize growth and minimize UAC * Great understanding of the online marketing, growth tactics and processes * Ability to conceive and run marketing experiments, track costs and analyze performance * Participate in product development to maximize user engagement and organic growth through viral loops, referral programs, etc. * Ability to work remotely integrated into diverse remote team * Understanding of crypto and gaming industries is a huge asset

Where we are now * We launched our alpha game in January 2019 (please read https://www.hedgie.io/ to understand our product) * We’ve grown to 6K users organically through social media, partnerships, contests, giveaways, and email marketing * We’ve onboarded a few businesses to deliver on our real-world value proposition

Where we want to go * Run experiments and understand unit economics: We want to add paid marketing into the mix, run a set of experiments so we can build and optimize a unit economics model that allows us to understand User Acquisition Cost (UAC) and Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV) to refine our revenue/cost projections * Develop predictable and repeatable growth tactics: Based on a tested and verified unit economics model. We need to get to the point where we know exactly how many and what type of users we can get from each $1,000 of marketing expenditure * Grow our users to 100K while maintaining the ratio of Monthly Active Users (MAU): This is our goal for the next several months. We really need to exceed it quickly.

If you have the passion and skills required to help us grow, and want to be a part of a dynamic startup team with huge potential, we’d love to hear from you. Salary and equity options are negotiable.