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Chattanooga, Tennessee
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About Bellhops

A unicorn in our eyes is a company that is equally as obsessed with customer service as the technology that helps enable it. We have a heart for delivering outstanding customer experiences in a space that is known for the status quo, and that is being generous. Bellhops is a new breed of moving company taking on the $15B+ market. We combine a sophisticated tech-enabled workforce and logistics management platform with an outstanding workforce of movers and drivers. We deliver easier, better moving experiences at prices that are +20% less than industry. It's also fun as hell to work here (ranked #3 in the country with a 96.4/100 score by Entrepreneur Magazine's "Top Company Cultures" list).

About Our Growth Team

We're a testing culture with a passion for answering "what if...". We're a multi-disciplinary team with the budget, tech, and design resources needed to act and learn extremely fast. It's normal to launch a test within hours of thinking it up, and team members are given freedom and ownership over their channels and tests.

Our 4 Growthmandments

  1. Bring data to the table.
  2. Test don't guess. (Never assume, and never be afraid to test something)
  3. Nothing is set in stone. (We can change anything.)
  4. 1 > 0. (Never take an extra customer gained for granted)

Who We're Looking For

We’re looking for a growth monster... a high-impact, data-driven growth hacker with experience in digital channels - specifically paid social, SEO, email, and retargeting.

  • Obsessed with finding the next growth hack. Someone that can't wait for the results of the next A/B
  • Intensely curious, and acts upon that curiosity with well-designed tests
  • Creative and independent
  • Not afraid to fail


We’re located in the heart of the Innovation District of Chattanooga, TN on the 5th floor of a 100+ year old warehouse building on top of some of the best restaurants/bars in the city. Never heard of Chattanooga? Do yourself a favor and Google a few images. We’ve been elected as Best Town Ever by Outdoor Magazine, Best Outdoor City by Blue Ridge Outdoors, and many others. It’s an outdoor mecca here, smack in the middle of world class hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, hang gliding, and watersports. Local breweries galore, awesome food, and the closest thing we have to an hour commute is when we drive down to Atlanta for a Braves or Falcons game. We believe in equal opportunity for all, and you should too.