Full-time, Remote Growth Marketer


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We're hiring our company's first marketer. This is a full-time, remote position.

What's SellerCrowd?

SellerCrowd is a social network for salespeople. Our community members are highly-paid, highly-stressed salespeople with quotas to hit and a ravenous appetite for information about leads. We help them connect with their peers for inside info about buyers through simple Q&A. They chat about what buyers are doing and thinking and planning. We have thousands of happy paid members and operate profitably.

Today we're in one market - digital advertising. All of our members are salespeople for publishers and tech companies that sell into brands and media agencies. As we grow, we'll be broadening our site to address other large industries.

What's my role?

Your role in this growth is two-fold:

  1. Grow Advertising Vertical: you'll build and implement a marketing strategy for growing the number of paying members in our current vertical. You'll be largely drawing on your CRM experience to target existing unpaid members with great email content. You may also implement retargeting strategies for new member acquisition.

  2. Launch New Verticals: you'll build and implement a marketing strategy for launching SellerCrowd communities in new verticals. This is more of guerrilla strategy. You'll draw on your experience building demand and matching with supply in a marketplace model. The goal is to acquire early community members and populate content (Q&A) in the forum. You may use email tactics. You may build a network of experts in each new vertical to create early content. You may do something we've never thought of! We'll need to experiment a lot to understand what works in each new vertical we enter.

Crafting your intro note for this role....

We'd love to hear from you if this sounds interesting. It would be helpful if you could address the points below in your intro note.

  • Do you have examples of creative, unpaid strategies you've executed in the past? We'll likely be testing paid marketing strategies in the future, but you'll be working without paid acquisition budget to begin.

  • Do you have examples of online community building in your prior experience? This will be a big part of your role with SellerCrowd. If you haven't had any tangible experience with communities yet, can you speak to an interesting strategy you've considered and would like to try?

  • Are you excited about working remotely? We do not have a headquarters office - all of us work from home or travel. You must be comfortable and productive working from your kitchen, coffee shop, beach hut or wherever it is you choose to set up shop.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!