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Austin, Texas
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Cratejoy is looking for an experienced Sales & Marketing Director to lead our seller acquisition team. Our growth to this point has largely been organic, word of mouth growth assisted with a well-optimized drip e-mail funnel. We’re looking to scale our growth to the next level by building a fully dedicated Sales & Marketing team to acquire new sellers. You’ll be in charge of personally delivering results including revenue goals, budget and funnel ownership. You’ll work closely with the VP of Customer Experience and CEO to build out the most effective Sales & marketing team possible.

Who we are:

Cratejoy is a SaaS-enabled Marketplace and the leading player in subscription box commerce, powering several thousand subscription box companies of all sizes. We offer an end-to-end solution for running a successful subscription business, as well as a marketplace to showcase subscription boxes to a loyal and enthusiastic audience.

Who you are:

You’re a scrappy and hands on Sales & Marketing leader. You’ve personally led teams before and have significant experience with both lead generation and sales. You love helping people solve their problems with a fantastic product, as well as coaching a team to deliver phenomenal results. You have a strong work ethic and are remarkably persistent. You’re a data driven marketer and use an iterative, testing driven approach to generate and then convert leads. You understand more than just the initial close and know how to think about the relationship with the customer and LTV. You take communication within the rest of the company as one of your top priorities.

What you'll be doing:

  • Own the lead generation and closing strategy for sellers
  • Expand our seller acquisition channels and improve existing ones
  • Completely own the seller focused website on Cratejoy, including traffic, copy and performance
  • Own our conversion funnel including all email marketing, ongoing promotions, and optimization work
  • Work with the leadership team to identify the relevant KPIs for this important part of our business, and report on them
  • Work to position Cratejoy as the thought leader in our space
  • Personally build out a replicable sales strategy and build a team to scale it
  • Work with product and Customer Experience to influence the product roadmap towards the needs of growth

You have experience with:

  • B2B Sales experience, including personally closing leads and managing a team of sales people
  • B2B marketing experience, ideally with some time spent acquiring small businesses and individuals to use a software or join a program
  • Experience with all of the standard marketing tools such as Wordpress, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, etc
  • Experience hiring and scaling a growth team
  • Experience with performance marketing including managing affiliates, Adwords and Facebook spend
  • Team experience - you'll be working with a decent sized marketing team, designers & product team, so you'll have to work well with others.


$105k-$130k depending on experience All offers include equity, health care, 401k, downtown parking, free lunches, and lots more :)

Who we want to work with

We want to work with people who want to work at Cratejoy, not just people who are looking for their next job. They specifically have sought out Cratejoy, they understand what our company does and they feel some sort of affinity with the mission. They are hungry for knowledge and are looking to be challenged in new ways, perhaps they even aspire to start their own business one day - or maybe they already have and now they want to know how to start a high impact business next time. They obviously care about compensation but they aren’t just looking for the next higher title and a little pay bump from their current job. They are leaving their current company after making some sort of impact, rather than because they just seem to leave jobs every 18 months once they realize it wasn’t as exciting as they thought it would be.

They seem to be aware of who they are as a person, including their own weaknesses, and want the sort of direct feedback and coaching it takes to grow their skillset, into a better team member, and even into a better person. In general people they worked with in the past would say that they are the type of person that “seems to make everything a little bit better” and that adding them to any conversation made the conversation more interesting, rather than more frustrating.

They respect their peers and want to learn more from those around them, and they give people the benefit of the doubt. They don’t rush to condemn people and they don’t quietly judge, they seek to help their peers be their best. They don’t like to assign blame, but if they were to assign blame they’d be just as likely to assign it to themselves as anyone else.

They are hard working when they have a mission, but they aren’t just aimlessly working tons of hours for no particular reason. They care a lot about what it is that they are doing, and they don’t just blindly follow direction. They want and need to understand how their work connects with the mission of the company and once they do they take it on as their own mission in life. When looking to solve problems they are willing to go outside of themselves, but only after doing the diligence necessary. They don’t like to waste anyone's time - least of all their own. They are quick to admit mistakes, and they don’t let ego leave them on the wrong side of an issue for very long (or very often). In their area of primary skillset they are very strong in it. They may have other weaknesses, which is okay as long as they are aware of them, but there is at least one or two things at which they are indisputably A+.

About Cratejoy

Cratejoy is the one-stop destination for all things subscription box. Where you subscribe to what you love, and sell what you’re passionate about.

We’re a Y Combinator and Capital Factory company and have raised a series A from CRV in California We’re very well funded and have been growing at a staggering rate every single month since launch. Cratejoy’s growth is rocket ship fast, and we’d love for you to be a big part of it.

Our aim is to make subscription as accessible as eBay or Etsy make e-commerce today. Our vision is to bring the best business model in the universe to everyone on the planet.

There are 3 pieces to that vision:

The first was our subscription commerce platform. Our seller tools. There was no consensus for how to run a subscription business. We had to design those tools and build them. We had to do it in a way that is accessible to average online merchant. If they were savvy enough to run an etsy store they should be more than savvy enough to run a cratejoy subscription.

The next piece was education. There really were no resources that taught merchants how to run a subscription business. We built subscription school which is a free education site we run. Our team has deep subscription commerce expertise. We write articles, post videos, and host webinars to teach people how to run subscription businesses. We created a forum which puts merchants in a community where they support each other and learn together. In the space of a year, we’ve become the unrivaled thought leaders inside of subscription commerce.

Finally, we’ve built the marketplace. This is a consumer destination site that sells subscriptions. Consumers arrive at Cratejoy and subscribe to our merchants. We cross-sell additional subscriptions to them. This is the piece that we wanted to get to. By creating the platform we were aggregating supply for the marketplace. The marketplace is the demand side of the equation. And the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts, these all tie back together to build the virtuous cycle that is the Cratejoy ecosystem.


How much have you raised? $11M in VC from the best investors in the world

Do you have revenue? Many millions of dollars, yes.

How big is the team? 45 people

Where is the office? Downtown at the corner of 8th and Brazos in beautiful Austin, TX

Is there 100% paid medical/dental/life insurance? Yep!

How about equity in a venture backed fast growing pre-IPO startup? Yep, you betcha.

Is there paid sick leave & vacation? Yes, obviously!

How about a reserved parking spot in our downtown office? Oh yeah!

Do I get catered meals? Yep - lunch, and sometimes breakfast & dinner.

Can I bring my significant other to company events? Definitely - we do!