Darren Hardy LLC is looking for a

Digital Marketing Specialist/Growth Hacker

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For the original job ad on our website, please go here: https://dh.darrenhardy.com/digital-marketing-specialist

Imagine a world where people wake up every morning inspired to grow, be excellent and make an IMPACT. That’s what we do... and we need your help.

When you join the Darren Hardy A-Team you get to work with a hand-selected and battle-tested badass team of extraordinary human beings who are passionately engaged on a mission to positively influence influencers and impact the lives of 1.4 billion lives annually.

Our work is our art. We pursue it with a relentless commitment to EXCELLENCE. And we constantly strive to be #BetterEveryDay.

We are not looking for the average or the norm. We seek... THE EXCEPTION.

If inside you are saying “Hell Yeah!” please continue...

Our new Digital Marketing Specialist will help us grow, engage and deepen the impact we have with our highly engaged global community of high-achievers (we impact 1.4 billion lives annually). You will lead and implement strategic digital marketing funnel campaigns and conversion rate optimization for all lead magnets, webinars, and direct response initiatives as a valuable member of our core leadership team.

Simply put…

We need YOU to help us grow #BetterEveryDay in our quest to be the best digital marketers we can be, increasing our positive IMPACT globally.


  • You will lead strategy and implementation for all our direct response digital marketing funnels from first-touch opt-in through sale.

  • You will create and continually optimize landing pages and email conversion funnels utilizing industry best practices to grow, segment and retain clients.

  • You will ensure accurate, consistent CRM and data management in Hubspot and with other key systems with our Marketing Operations lead and Data Analyst.

  • You will continually develop, test, measure, and optimize campaigns to drive significant membership growth and maximize retention over time.

  • You will analyze campaign performance data with Marketing Data Analyst and communicate the results and improvement plans to the team.


  • 3+ years implementing complex digital marketing campaign strategy
  • 3+ years building, testing and optimizing effective sales conversion funnels
  • Hubspot experience preferred


  • You are unusually driven and challenge-oriented.
  • You have high standards for your work. Excellence matters to you.
  • You have a growth-mindset and strive to be #BetterEveryDay.
  • You have grit and thrive under pressure.
  • And you looooove to hustle!

COMPENSATION: BETTER than competitive with bonuses and unlimited growth opportunities. NOTE: HIGH-ACHIEVERS ONLY

Please do not apply for this position unless you can prove through documentation that you are a well versed Digital Marketing Specialist. This is a highly coveted, virtual (100% remote work) position and we will only settle for an A-player.

If you are PUMPED about this position, then go here to submit your information and follow the steps to apply (<5min): https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/T5BNVBQ