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Community Guidelines

Welcome to, the community for the growth-obsessed to connect and get inspired. Our goal is to provide you with the best growth-related experience on the web, and we’ve put together a short list of guidelines that will help keep the quality of content high.

  1. Profiles:
  • Please include a LinkedIn address in your profile before submitting content (not required for AskGH).
  • For your profile picture, please do not use any logos or other self-promotional images.
  1. Submissions (articles, questions, and comments):

Before submitting an article or a comment, ask yourself: “Does this make the community better?”. Answering “Yes” to that question will inevitably be a win for the community. To help keep the quality of content and interactions high, please keep in mind:

  • All submitted content and questions should relate to driving growth.
  • All participation in GrowthHackers is by real identified people.  No comments or content can be submitted anonymously (except AskGH) or by companies.
  • Submit articles using the articles’ original titles (moderators may update titles to be more descriptive).
  • Kindly post the original link to the article, rather than, for example, a summary of the article that links to the original.
  • Submit the article using the original URL, not one that’s been wrapped in a URL shortener like or modified using a service like
  • When submitting a question, keep the question prefixed with ‘Ask GH’.
  • Don’t submit using all caps.
  • Don’t add your comments or URL in the post title.
  • Be respectful of others in the community. The variety of experiences is what makes the community strong and leads to rich discussions.  
  • The GrowthHackers team reserves the right to remove any submissions or comments that we deem overly derogatory, inflammatory or otherwise inappropriate as well as to suspend accounts that violates these rules.
  1. Voting:
  • Don’t have friends or colleagues upvote your submissions, i.e., participate in voting cliques or rings. This will lead to your posts being suppressed.
  • Black-hat is ultimately forbidden and will lead to the suspension of your account

If you’d like to send us feedback or if you have any questions, shoot us an email at