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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can post in the community's blog?

Any growthhacker! Our blog is community-based, meaning that all content here is created and/or posted by our users themselves, free of charge. Please feel free to use our platform to distribute great content!

You can do just that right now by using your own account to create a new post. The button for a new post is in the right top corner of the community's main page.

Kindly note that all posts are carefully reviewed by our curation team before being posted on our page. You can check our guidelines here.

Ps: Also, you can get extra distribution if your post gets to the top weekly posts Newsletter we send out every Monday.

How much do I have to pay to post in the community's blog?

A total of zero bucks! That's right. Your contribution to our community is free of charge.

Do you accept do-follow links?

Yes, we do! Our community blog is not only a source of knowledge, experiences, and cases around growth hacking but also a bridge between us and your own website. All articles have a "read full post" button under the summary that leads our readers to the roots of that content.

What makes a quality submission?

The short answer is "does this content make the community better"? Or "does it bring anything new to the table"?

The longer answer is that such content by definition is actionable. It reframes your thinking on a topic or provides you with more information or insights than you had previously to perform any growth-related task(s)? Such posts are ones you inevitably end up saving for future reference because you know you’ll be coming back to it when implementing the nugget of wisdom that revealed itself to you.

When are submissions removed or not approved?

This happens if a post is deemed to be of low quality, off-topic or inappropriate. In other words it meets one or more of these criteria:

  • Has no actionable growth/marketing takeaway
  • Is just a list of product features
  • Is a landing page for products
  • Is obviously an overly self-promotional
  • Has content so basic that it could be found by simply Googling it
  • Is cursory level overview of any topic
  • Is about general business, general internet use, IT, blog setup, WordPress, Magento etc
  • Is about increasing startup/team productivity in some way
  • Is worded using poor language or sentence structures
  • Is on a domain full of spammy links or non-relevant sidebar advertisements
  • Is submitted by a company name or fake name
  • Is not in English
  • Has been plagiarized
  • Has content where more than ¾ of it regurgitates higher-value content and does not add any value over and above what’s been referenced
  • Is a duplicate of existing content, just from a different URL

What’s this about voting cliques and rings? Why can’t I ask my friends or colleagues to upvote my content?

You can absolutely promote content submitted to GrowthHackers. The problem occurs when someone is part of a voting clique or voting ring. By definition, this means that the person is part of a group that has implicitly or explicitly agreed to upvotes each other’s content, irrespective of quality, wherever and whenever it’s submitted. They’ve participated in this behavior by sending or receiving links to submissions via Slack, Skype, messenger, email or other non-public means to make it easier for everyone to upvote this content.

Great content will be recognized by the community. If everyone upvotes content that is truly high-quality and satisfies the bottom line we stated upfront (i.e, adds to the community’s understanding of growth), this will lead to a much more valuable experience for everyone on GrowthHackers.

It’s safe to say that we track what happens on the site. We know who engages in this behavior and the patterns associated with it. Because of this, “gamed” posts are relatively easy to spot. So if you find that your content made it to the Trending page but then suddenly vanished from there, it’s because our system detected such a pattern. If we find continued evidence of this behavior, we reserve the right to lock or ban accounts without warning.

I've noticed an inappropriate comment or article. What should I do?

We take this issue very seriously. As a community-based platform, we want all of you to feel at home and be the best host for our organic guests. Derogatory, inflammatory or otherwise inappropriate content, as well as black-hat practices, must be informed. If you see something, say something! Please reach out to with a link and/or a screenshot of the content you judge inappropriate and we will take care of it.