Who's it for?

Specially made for:

Growth Teams: running high-tempo testing experiments across the whole customer journey.

CRO Teams (Conversion Rate Optimization): executing a/b tests in landing pages, home pages, emails and validating the best versions.

Innovation Teams: in the search for new products, new lines of business, new moonshot projects.

Agencies: managing the execution of tests for multiple customers through different growth levers.

Accelerators & Incubators: supporting batches of various startups at once and needing to keep track of their progress.

What does it do?

  • Define your North Star Metric and connect it with either your behavioral data tool or google sheets for automatic updates.

  • Set up the focus of your growth squads for a period of time and the KPIs they will be responsible for, making it easy to see and show progress.

  • Suggest testing ideas and request suggestions from colleagues. Connecting them with your objectives, goals, hypothesis, descriptions...

  • Use the filters to find the most promising growth opportunities, ICE or PIE score, date, growth lever, tags and other criteria and select the best ones by nominating it.

  • In-app-meetings allows you to execute your meeting with every aspect of the strategy connected - higher KPIs (NSM/Objectives) and lower KPIs (tests, hypothesis).

  • Select an assigne, create subtasks, set a deadline, plan your tests and, if cross-team collaboration is needed, send info to project management tools (Jira, Asana, Trello).

  • Automatically generated reports from your growth meetings with KPIs progress, results of tests and elected sprint experiments.

  • Retain all the knowledge acquired through your experiments with a learning center, never lose track of an experiment and make sure your contribution is always available company-wide.

  • Available for company wide access and security purposes across the entire organization - gain scale, don't lose control.

  • Storing data in your internal database or running tests in a non-supported tool? We build custom integrations tailored to your needs.

Who's using it?

Used by the best-in-class:

What do our customers say about us?

Jason Barbato (Former IBM, Current OrangePegs):

“It’s fairly simple: if you don’t test, you can’t learn. And that means learning about your organization and its systems and processes, your users, your products, and the abundance of explosive opportunities that might be right there in front of you if you only took the time to collect and analyze the right data, ideate, hypothesize, and execute."

Nancy Hensley (Former IBM’s Chief Digital Officer):

“First it [Experiments] will help consolidate all the experimentation in one place and it gives all the cross-functional teams a great way to contribute to the ideas. Now that everyone truly values experimentation all the way up to the Senior Leadership team, we needed to get more organized. I also think this will help to make everyone feel more empowered to participate and collaborate on growth."

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