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Hey guys!

A lot of people when choosing a customer communication&support solution, seem to be comparing Intercom to Zendesk most often.
Both tools work especially great for mid and large enterprises.

The way I see it:
- Intercom is preferable by SaaS companies since it offers in-app messenger and email marketing capabilities.
- Zendesk is better for companies with multiple customer support teams that have a single function and which need an extensive ticketing and call center functionality.

We at HelpCrunch.com (similar to both solutions actually, but more suitable for small to mid-size companies) decided to compare both Intercom and Zendesk from our perspective, highlight all the pros and understand which is best for various types of companies.

Check out the article below to see which solution may better suit your needs:

Have you used Intercom/Zendesk or even both before?

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