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Every marketer 'knows' about the importance of mobile optimization in 2017, but what exactly is different about creating an optimized mobile user experience? In the latest WiderFunnel blog post, we dive deep into what makes mobile different, what the limitations are, and what you can start testing right now (case studies included!)

  • JT

    James Timperley

    over 2 years ago #

    Really enjoyed this post! Thanks for sharing, Natasha. Looking forward to seeing how mobile optimization practices change over the next year.

  • DA

    Darko Angelovski

    over 2 years ago #

    wow! Great Stuff!

    Yeah. Responsive design is not an optimization strategy.

    I feel like this is eluding a lot of people
    People need to understand that having a mobile optimized website is not an advantage, yet a bare minimum.

    If you'd like to have any kind of an advantage you just need to do a lot more.

    Thanks for this @natasha.wahid very in depth and on point.

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