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You've heard "content is king", right? This buzzword has spurred HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of sites to start cranking out web content at an alarming rate - over 4.8 billion pieces are estimated to go live on the web, EVERY DAY!!! Think about that from Google's point of view - how are they going to index and rank SO MUCH content? Well, they've had to change it - a lot. Search algorithms are looking heavy at the overall quality of your website's content based on a number of factors (engagement, trust, relevancy, truthfulness, links, social, etc). The point is, if you have outdated, irrelevant, bad or invaluable content, it could actually be HURTING your SEO. When search engines scan your site and find a ton of low quality, irrelevant pages, a few things can happen: 1. Decreased crawl rate 2. Lower indexation rate 3. Decrease in organic traffic What's the solution? Review the pages on your site to determine to determine quality and whether you should delete it (404), redirect it (301), update it or leave it as is. I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT "CLEANING" CONTENT, NOT "CREATING" IT, IS THE NEXT BIG TREND IN LARGE SCALE SEO. Doing this manually is a BEAR, especially if you have a big, old site. So, I teamed up with my buddy David Krevitt to build a tool that AUTOMATES the entire content audit process. David used Google Sheets to build a tool that does all of the following: 1. Pulls every URL on your site 2. Checks it for organic traffic data, bounce rate and conversion rate 3. Crosswalks with link data from Ahrefs 4. Looks at all these inputs and determines if that page should be deleted, redirected, updated or left as is. We decided to give the tool away 100% free in this blog post. I also explain exactly how to use it, step by step, in a short video embed in the tool. All this is free - click to check it out!

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    shiva charan

    over 3 years ago #

    First of all i appreciate your way of asking for name and email id to get the free template and the cta like button give me my template it's good method to ask anything.

    I completely agree with your insights on content and how important it is for SEO as you said content which is a ranking factor only when it is relevant to our products and services, in the same way it can decrease your efficiency in terms of rankings and traffic generating from bad content.

    I read this post in inbound and now in Growth hackers thanks for such a wonderful article on content you made to think about writing content is more important than revamping or editing the bad content.