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Over the last two years, Disruptive Advertising has audited over 2,000 AdWords accounts which includes $320 million in ad spend, 90 billion impressions, 500 million clicks, and more than 26 million keywords across numerous industries. Their research has uncovered some really interesting insights, such as the fact that only 29% of accounts are accurately tracking conversions, less than 6% of keywords produce conversions, and more. If you've ever wondered if you're wasting your AdWords budget on low-performing keywords, the answer is likely "yes," and this post explains how to find out.

  • almost 4 years ago #

    Not sure if I totally agree with this. Loved reading it though!

    • JP

      Joseph Putnam

      almost 4 years ago #

      I tend to agree and disagree. On one side, lots of accounts bid on too many keywords and would use their budget more efficiently by bidding on fewer terms. On the other side of the spectrum, you never know which keywords are going to generate sales from keyword to word of mouth to paid sign up, which means you can't rely 100% on conversion data to know which keywords are generating revenue.