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WPX Hosting Black Friday 2019 Deal & Cyber Monday Sale

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About WPX Hosting 

WPX hosting was created to deliver fast loading website. If you are attracted in managing WordPress hosting service, then your attention would be on site speed as well as the loading time. In order to test the performance of web hosting th theme that was used was Avada WordPress.

Avada along with one of its demonstrations had been installed on the latest installation of WordPress that was hosted at the beginning stage. This was shared by Hostgator web hosting account.

Then this particular website was compared to a similar configuration that was hosted by WPX hosting. Loading time of WPX hosting is 1.97 seconds which was 45% faster.

WPX hosting backs up your website every single day. To increase the protection, backup files get stored in an individual server and is kept for fourteen days. There will be no charges for retrieving backup.

WPX hosting also offers an absolutely free of charge site migration service. This service is taken care within 24 hours. That’s because the experts will transfer the whole WordPress website from the present web host to your latest WPX hosting account. This transfer of emails linked with that website is also included in this service.

Even though WordPress is installed with the help of the WPX hosting client area dash board, this does not stop you from accessing your server space through FTP and SFTP.

It will give you the capability to securely uploading themes as well as plugin files with the help of a FTP client like FileZilla. Use FTP to upload as well as download various files to your server space. WPX hosting offers a 24/7/365 live chat service and help desk system

WPX hosting is a fast web host that is very easy to use. If you want to upgrade your website’s hosting provision or start a new project, then WPX hosting is a great option.

Compared to entry-level shared web hosting, WPX hosting and WordPress hosting, they aren’t cheap the price starts from $24.99 per month; if you want to upgrade then WPX hosting is one of the more affordable options.