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Hey GH ers,

The team from Zipfian Academy asked that I share a 30% coupon to their next workshop. (Coupon: GROWTH30)

I've heard great things about the course, especially if you are a startup with a LOT of data or a developer who wants to learn about data science.

For those in SF, check it out and let us know how it goes.


Zipfian Academy, a training program for data scientists, is dedicating an entire weekend to a hands-on workshop to teach Growth Hackers how to use machine learning.

The 2-day workshop covers customer churn prediction, user classification, and advanced A/B testing utilizing machine learning.

Zipfian Academy is offering 30% off to members of GrowthHackers.com with the code GROWTH30 applied at checkout.

  • ND

    Nate Desmond

    about 7 years ago #

    I know Adam Gibson (the lead instructor) personally, and he's doing some fascinating stuff in machine learning. This workshop applying data science to growth should be a killer tool for any marketing toolbox!