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People share more than 16,000 words per day. Every hour there are more than 100 million conversations about brands. We love to share stories and news with those around us. What makes people talk and share certain things and not others?

  • MK

    Michael Kawula

    over 4 years ago #

    This was an awesome post and have always been a big fan of WOM. John Jantsch, last weeks AMA guest, wrote a great book Referral Engine and writes about this topic often.

    Love the STEPPS acronym and each of the 6 different ones to focus on. The emotion one always interest me if you can make that happen for your product/service. Great share.

    • SK

      Szymon Klimczak

      over 4 years ago #

      Thanks Michael!
      I think creating a product with the STEPPS focus in mind increases dramatically its chances for success, but you don't necessarily need to remember about it while building a product. It seems that presenting the product (even an existing one!) in a way that carries an emotional load will eventually make users/customers talk and spread the news about it.

  • GB

    Gennady Barsky

    over 4 years ago #

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