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"In our work with B2B SaaS clients, we find that about 50% of the time LinkedIn is the most effective channel for driving leads. And yet many companies come to us who either haven’t tried it because it’s too expensive, or have tried it in a limited capacity and seen subpar results.

The reason LinkedIn works so well for B2B SaaS companies is because you’re not guessing who’s on the other end seeing your ads. The ability to see the industries, companies, and job titles of your audience is a huge advantage in the B2B space. At times you might be paying triple the price, but you’re also likely to be much more confident that the right person is seeing your ad.

We’ve identified three areas where B2B SaaS companies go wrong with LinkedIn ads:

- Budgeting: They don’t give LinkedIn ads enough of a budget to be successful.
- Targeting: They set up targeting that’s too specific (e.g. targeting a single job title).
- Content: They deliver content that doesn’t fit the mindset of their target customers when they’re using LinkedIn.

In this article, we’ll elaborate on these three areas and show you how you can avoid making these mistakes by following the step-by-step process we use at PBS to run LinkedIn ad campaigns that get results."