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We think marketers have become too focused on length being the key factor to “great content”, which has produced too many long posts that have nothing original to say.

How many “epic” 3000+ word blog posts have you read that haven’t really taught you anything new? For me, too many.

So, in our opinion, length is not a sufficient definition for great content.

How, then, is great content defined?

We define it as driving business results:

- It drives traffic.
- A decent fraction of that traffic is qualified.
- It drives leads or sales.

First, we defined Mirage Content as the rampant problem in our industry: content that looks and feels like it should work (e.g. it’s long) but when you measure its impact, it’s not helping the business.

Then, we introduced The Specificity Strategy as a way to fix the Mirage Content problem. It argues that you need specificity to really impress a target customer, and including that will produce better content.

In this post we want to introduce another framework you can use to produce better content.

We call this framework: Originality Nuggets.