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Sean talks about the importance of creating a CRO culture instead of just running random one-off tests to drive growth.

  • EG

    Ethan Garr

    about 6 years ago #

    Sean, as always interesting stuff. The more I read on Growth Hackers the more it seems like one of the biggest challenges is simply figuring out where to start your testing. It makes sense that micro-conversions are not going to really move the needle, but at the same time I think its hard to always recognize the difference between big picture vs. small picture tests (easy to spot the really small stuff like the examples of changing button colors, but there is a lot in between small tweaks and game changers). One post a few weeks ago suggested focusing your testing on those things that are going to drive ROI. Makes sense, but if your funnel has holes way out near the top, it seems like you might not be ready for ROI-focused testing. I like the idea that if you start with a CRO culture you are more likely to make good decisions as to where to put your resources. Good stuff!