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The idea that you should make content that's significantly better than other content out there is a common industry trope. However, it's not necessarily true -- because that's a tactic, not a strategy. This post describes how to use 2x content to be better more consistently.

  • ML

    Mark Lindquist

    9 months ago #

    I definitely agree with the premise here that significantly MORE 2x content is better than significantly less 10x content. I think beyond just creating a more consistent brand experience like you discuss in the video, you're really putting a lot of your eggs in one basket when you go with 10x content. It may end up being harder than you think to rank for it, and even if you do end up ranking for it, there might not be as much search volume as you were expecting when you get past the head term you were originally targeting (this has been my experience).

    More 2x content gives you a chance to cast a wider net, see what's working, and make decisions off of real results.

  • SV

    Steven van Vessum

    9 months ago #

    Good approach, which I can confirm based on personal experiences. In the past, I could spend a week on creating the best piece of content out there, but I'd already come 80% of the way in a day. So now I focus on 1 day, and half a day of refining based on feedback. It allows me to do create a lot more content, and also spread risk: what if this 10x piece isn't delivering an ROI?

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