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Do you want to see how the revenue attribution models look for 5 real B2B companies? 📊💰

We did - So, we decided to anonymise the data from 5 of our B2B customers.

In this new post we explore just how much you can say from having the revenue data available that we help supply

Real data. Real companies. 

For each of the B2B companies we explore: 

  • Revenue attribution: What made their revenue happen?

  • Channel attribution: Which channels has which functions? First/Last touch etc.

  • Campaign attribution: What’s the function of each ad? 

  • Traditional tracking: What would be shut down in the traditional tracking perspective, but kept running because of good tracking and attribution.

Here’s what you get in this post about B2B attribution models:

  • See 5 B2B companies revenue attribution models

  • Understand why B2B and B2C attribution is two very different things.

  • Learn how different channels and campaigns play different roles in revenue creation

  • How traditional tracking is disabling B2B growth

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