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It’s a dull Tuesday afternoon in Austin, Texas and Amy is scared.

The Series A funding round at the SaaS business where she runs marketing landed 12 months ago… and the CEO set outrageous growth targets.

She has done everything right… but the growth isn’t there.

Everything she reads in the space tells her that as your SaaS grows, things should get easier: more people know about you and more people use you – driving word of mouth. But if anything, things seem to be getting harder!

Anyway, enough stressing… she has work to do today:

- Amy needs to map out a new funnel and searches Google for “funnel map example”
- Amy has to book her CEO onto a webinar with a partner, she signs him up using the link sent to her
- Amy is scrolling Linkedin to review a new hire and sees a very attractive animated podcast video
- Amy needs to book her whole team in for 1-1 sessions, she sends them her call booking link

In the past 30 minutes, Amy has been exposed to 4 different SaaS businesses that she could become a customer of… all at zero cost to those businesses?!?

Something clicks in Amy’s brain…


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