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In most companies, each department is like its own, relatively isolated shogunate. Each manager has his or her patch of office space to rule, and each kingdom is somewhat suspicious of its neighbors. Take Sales and Marketing for example – a Corporate Executive Board Survey cited in Hubspot’s “The Power of Smarketing” revealed that 87% of the terms Sales and Marketing use to describe each other are negative. I would venture to say that the feelings of Product Managers towards Customer Success Managers are neither warmer, or fuzzier. After all, as Product Manager, you’ve developed a product that works – why should it be your problem if buyers can’t figure out how to use it? Nobody is going to hold a 19th century Paixhan shell gun to your head (they’re far too heavy), but opening your borders to Customer Success is the only way you’ll survive and thrive. Here’s why you, as Product Manager, should embrace Success. All across the SaaS B2B industry, this new and vital discipline is being developed. CSMs are charged with optimizing customer relationships, increasing product adoption and reducing churn.

  • NS

    Nogah Senecky

    about 4 years ago #

    Couldn't agree more. The borders between different departments & roles are disappearing and there's a more holistic approach to product management, particularly in mobile.

    With technology that allows non-devs to take the wheel and build products on their own, we are about to see an even bigger shift in responsibility this upcoming year.

  • LA

    Lisa Abbott

    about 4 years ago #

    Yes. I wonder, how many Product Teams are embracing this change and seeing it as a good thing?