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Omer Molad of Vervoe shares four dead simple ways to apply a growth (hacking) mindset to hiring and immediately make your business more valuable. Experimenting across different traction channels or, in “human language”, trying to find customers in different ways, is a smart way to drive growth. It’s time to take this one step further and create a culture of experimentation by applying a “growth (hacking) mindset throughout the entire business. The obvious place to start is people – building and growing teams – because there is no better growth engine than a great team.


  • OM

    Omer Molad

    almost 3 years ago #

    Thanks for sharing this @nichole. There are so many parallels between customer growth and team growth. I believe there is huge value in nurturing a culture of experimentation across the entire the company, not just with respect to traditional "growth".

    Many people talk about hiring being broken and claim to have the best way, etc. My view is, instead of making statement let's experiment. Let's set some goals and test. What have we got to lose? And, just like the traditional growth experiments, when we experiment with hiring we'll see that it's horses for courses. Every situation calls for a slightly different answer.

    We've learned so much by experimenting and every time we get better. This helps us make suggestions for our customers. We don't tell them the answer because we don't know the right answer for them. We just suggest what they might test and let them get to the answer themselves.