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Topics that are going to be covered here!

  • But What Is eCommerce? πŸ€” 
  • The Reasons Why Your Online Shop Doesn’t Reach Sales  
  • Targets 😠
  • Your Goals Aren't SMART πŸ’‘
  • You Don't Have Enough Leads πŸ”Š
  • Landing Pages
  • Competitions
  • Giveaways
  • Email Marketing
  • Subscription Forms
  • You're Not Clear Enough On Shipping Costs πŸ’΅  
  • Sales and Marketing Don't Work Together  
  • Your Goals Are Impossible to Achieve 😀
  • A Website That Doesn't Stand Out πŸ‘€
  • Complex Procedures 🐌
  • No Follow-Ups πŸ“§
  • Wrong Targeting 🎯
  • Your Content Isn't Clear
  • The Takeaway
  • OS

    Oksana Se

    9 days ago #

    Nice, content, Jane.
    Also, I would suggest to this list is the lack of reviews on the product page. From my experience, valuable customers reviews are increasing conversions dramatically.

  • TB

    TopTen Best

    1 day ago #

    Great and Informative Content Jane!! I will definitely try over my business. Thanks for sharing. keep up your good work.