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Not-so-fun facts about mobile app user retention: Not only do a mere 26.6% of users revist an app the day after download, but that number drops to 12.1% after two weeks.

And by the 90-day mark, a whopping 71% of app users will have churned completely.

We wanted to understand why this level of abandonment occurs after a single use—and how the most popular apps are managing to do better. (Hint: they’re tackling the problem by creating better user onboarding experiences.)

So, we downloaded the top 100 iOS apps, went through their onboarding as if we were first-time users, and painstakingly screenshotted and recorded the experiences from start to finish.

  • PH

    Pradyut Hande

    11 months ago #

    Totally resonate with this line - "...people aren’t starved for options, but they are hungry for truly exceptional user experiences. And they’ll stick with apps that can deliver that."

    Onboarding plays a critical role in delivering the first Aha! Moment to first-time users on app launch. What many app businesses forget is that onboarding is more than that. Users require periodic walkthroughs whenever notable UI changes are made. This is where swiping directions come in handy.

  • SK

    S K

    11 months ago #

    The comparison must happen in the same category of apps. If I compare the obvious universal top 10 apps with those performing some other functions, it's like comparing apples to oranges. For example, you can't compare instagram app to an app that allows you to sell something.
    Although, when it comes to user experience, I do agree with the importance of on-boarding experience.

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