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I’ve noticed a deep contradiction in the way banks sell products.

On the one hand, they offer unique, personalized in-person experiences when you physically go into the bank branch, and on the other, they use dull uninspired lead generation experiences that look like they’ve come straight from the DMV to convert people into customers through online channels.

This week we contemplated an ideal middle ground between the two channels that uses conversational landing pages to make the online buying experience for Credit Cards feel more like the in-person human interactions of the bank branch.

In our experience, using this approach can help boost conversion rates by 2-3x and sustainably increase the amount of revenue that banks can generate through online channels. Here’s the full story.

  • JR

    jayson roberts

    about 1 year ago #

    I went into this article with an open mind and was not disappointed. I started using Facebook Chatbots on my business's Facebook page for a similar reason. I even came upon this article https://mythemeshop.com/blog/facebook-chatbots-guide/ that helped explain how Facebook Chatbot integration a bit more. I'm sure that this offers better conversions and ROI than traditional marketing practices because people open Facebook messages and click through more often than email. Higher conversion, better CTR and better ROI. You can't lose.