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One of Dave Gerhardt's responsibilities as the first marketing hire at Drift was to start building the brand.

Unlike a lot of companies in the SaaS space, we weren’t all that worried about the immediate ROI of our marketing tactics. We took a bet on brand because we believed that in the long run, we’d benefit more from telling an authentic and consistent story than all the one-off marketing growth hacks combined.

Beyond that, we had another good reason for going against the grain. Read more to find out why: https://www.drift.com/blog/bet-on-brand/

  • AJ

    Adam Jiwan

    about 1 year ago #

    Great stuff here! Thanks for sharing.

  • LA

    Laure Albouy

    about 1 year ago #

    Such a real question in startup marketing: reconciling long term needs (branding) with urgent acquisition goals. Thanks for sharing, Drift's branding is definitely a reference.

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