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So often companies are frustrated with the lack of referrals they receive – even in the face of all-star service.
But one reason customers are close-lipped about providing referrals is because those very companies are lackadaisical when conveying their importance.

It seems that companies are not only uncomfortable asking for referrals but they feel awkward when discussing them all together with their clients.

However, there is a big difference between directly asking a customer for their personal rolodex and letting them know you want to help their friends and family.

Shot in the dark
I recently spoke with a client that shed some light as to why some companies balk at discussing referrals with their customers.

It turns out that many of the employees either think some of their customers are unhappy with them, or just don’t know where they stand in regard to loyalty.

The uncertainty fosters anxiety and fear of encountering a potentially awkward situation.

The solution is really quite simple. Find out what your customers think about you in regard to loyalty. Sending emails asking their likelihood to recommend will raise the blinds on your referral strategy. Here’s how: