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Ahrefs recently shared how they spent $33,115 hiring 3 different copywriting agencies to draft up a new version of their homepage. In the end, they mixed and matched different components from what each agency came up with. I decided to deconstruct their thought process and why this unconventional page is actually pretty genius.

  • KM

    Kei Miller

    about 2 months ago #

    Thanks for information. I use Ahrefs service a lot and very satisfied

  • PJ

    Patrik Jansson

    about 2 months ago #

    Thanks for this post!

  • MP

    Marian Pohl

    about 2 months ago #

    I just saw the video on the ahrefs-Youtube channel a couple days ago!

    Very bold & interesting approach - but I think it does pay off for them.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • SR

    Sandeep Ranjan

    about 2 months ago #

    It's a very finely detailed information on AHREF utilizing Copywriting skills from different agencies.

    Their tripwire offer at $7 is very attractive.

    They have outsmarted their competitors.