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In short, we observe that Head, Director & VP of Growth titles are becoming more abundant (like you), but the “growth hacker” is fading away. The “hackers” aren’t rebranded marketers but engineers.

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    Justin evans

    about 1 year ago #

    Hi @Ed Fry! Many businesses fail to grow because they do not build the window for innovation. The world expects to see breakthroughs in mitigating the tech industry challenges in 2019. What I read in the article is that there are some of the major current issues in technology in 2019 include technology regulation and incorporation, lack of skills, Artificial Intelligence, fake news, and data security. Here I find an article about tech industry challenges in 2019 and potential consequences: https://mobinspire.com/blogs/tech-industry-challenges-in-2019-and-potential-consequences/
    will be glad to know your thoughts on this article.

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