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As Marketers, we've all experimented with COLD EMAILS. If you’ve ever been in my shoes, you’ll know that cold emailing does not work in most scenarios. At least that's what I thought until we ran a successful cold email campaign that helped us gain 500 leads in under 72 hrs!

This was a part of a pre-launch campaign and our strategy not only helped us in building quality influencer relationships but also gave us the much-needed boost even before our product was launched.

We've bared it all in this guest post-- the step-by-step approach, tools and even our promotional strategy that further propelled our lead generation process.

Before you check out the article, I'm curious to know more about your tryst with cold emails. What your success story?

  • HP

    Haim Pekel

    over 2 years ago #

    I once emails Seth Godin, I got an answer, 5 words. It was on a positive note, so I couldn't say he ignored me, but damn it was productive!

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