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According to Forbes, Nike is the 18th most valuable brand in the world. With $32 billion in revenue, it’s also one of the third most profitable clothing company in the world.

How did Nike become so large? This question may seem not that interesting until you realize its founder, Phil Knight, started from the bottom.

He had no prior business experience, no connections, and almost no money.

In 15 years, it had already generated $1 billion in revenue. In 30 years, it was the largest sports apparel company in the world.

Remember this was before the internet or VCs existed.

So how did Phil Knight pulled such feat?

— By hustling all the way to the top, from going to the still-destroyed Japan and sign a large shoe manufacturing company to resell their products, to sell their shoes by hand in running competition, and more.
— By partnering with a top track-and-field coach, who without asking for it, ended up creating the modern running sole that Nike would use to launch the first modern running shoe, and thus revolutionizing the fitness and shoe industries.
— By signing a young but promising athlete called Michael Jordan, who would help Nike expand its influence over newer audiences.

To explain the main learnings from Nike’s story, I’ve created a guide where I show not only how Nike became what it is today, but also how an ecommerce entrepreneur and marketer can use their main growth tactics to grow their store. This includes:

— How to fund your business without any VCs or bank loans
— How to hustle your first sales using trade conferences, local media, and pop-up stores

— How to position your business
— How to develop a powerful tagline, like the “Just Do It”
— And much more

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